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Simple Cloud Computing Interview Questions for Beginners

Simple Cloud Computing Interview Questions for Beginners
  • Oct 20, 2022 By GigNets
  • Introduction

    The process of cloud computing is very fast. Previously, it took months to perform tasks, but you get it done within a few hours at this age. In this modern world, it is necessary to take the right measures to secure data. Only some members can unlock the business data. It is best to upgrade the security levels with the help of cloud computing—the computing resources include databases, software applications, analytics, servers, networks, and artificial intelligence. Therefore, you get the chance to do faster innovation, get flexible resources, and increase the rate of the economic scale of your business structure.

    Cloud Computing Interview

    When you go for a job interview in any IT sector, relevant questions are asked about cloud computing technology. You must know the answers to such questions to make your interview successful. So here are some most frequently asked interview questions.

    1. What are the several types of data used in cloud computing?

    New data types are essential for storing several forms of data. All substances have their data types. The different data types are videos, emails, pictures, blogs, contracts, and many more if you want to store a new type of file or video to store it in a new data type.

    2. What are the different advantages of cloud computing?

    The advantages of cloud computing technology are given below :

    • The data is stored efficiently.
    • Backup of data.
    • The capacity of the server is very powerful.
    • The productivity is incremented
    • The technicians use SaaS software for great customer service.
    • Cloud computing is a time-saving method.
    • It is cost-effective and beneficial for every business.

    3. What is a cloud computing system?

    Cloud computing is a new generation of computer technology that is a type of internet. It is based on clouds which are considered a new one in terms of technology. You can get cloud computing services wherever you want. Whenever you require any support, you get the best cloud services. A large number of servers can be accessed through the cloud computing process.

    4. Mention the platforms that use cloud computing on a large scale?

    The platforms which use cloud computing on a large scale :

    • MapReduce
    • Apache Hadoop

    5. Mention the several layers that are defined in cloud architecture?

    The several layers that are defined in cloud architecture are :

    • Cluster Controller
    • CLC or Cloud Controller
    • NC or Node Controller
    • Walrus
    • SC or Storage Controller

    6. What is a cloud?

    A cloud is combined with several networks such as storage, hardware, interfaces, and services that deliver cloud computing services. It consists of three main users :

    • Business management users
    • End users
    • Cloud service providers

    7. Define on-demand functionality. How is it provided in cloud computing software?

    Virtualized IT techniques are provided with the help of cloud computing services. It creates access with the on-demand functionality. The subscribers use the on-demand function. The high-quality shared pools consist of several networks, servers, services, storage, and application to provide configured resources. Cloud computing is becoming the most substantial part of every business organization.

    8. Name the three layers of cloud computing. Explain.

    The three layers of cloud computing are in the hierarchy that is given below:

    • Software as a service (SaaS) – This is computing software that is directly connected with the help of the Internet. There are no worries about installation and maintenance. Hardware management becomes easier, and no complexity in software.
    • Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) – The cloud infrastructure provides different services such as speed, memory, processor, and many more. All are related to the hardware system of your computer.
    • Platform as a service (PaaS) – The developers get the chance to use cloud computing applications for their services.

    9. Explain software as a service.

    Software as a service is the full form of SaaS. It is the most important part of the cloud computing system. Cloud applications are invented. Google is the most popular cloud computing software. It allows the users to store their documents and other stuff uniquely.

    10. Define Hybrid clouds.

    Cloud computing services are very much applicable to business architectures. Hybrid clouds are a type of cloud combination that consists of both private and public clouds. The implementation of cloud technology considers a robust approach. The IT technicians can create their cloud, which can have several other functionalities and features. The cloud can also provide a domain in some other platforms as well.

    11. Define private cloud.

    The private cloud fulfills strategic operations and other security processes. The owner can control the entire platform, and it is functional. The business organization or industry can own the entire system. They can operate and restrict data according to the system. It is the best choice for data security. Nowadays, hacking is common, and people are switching to the private cloud for carefree operations. The hosting companies operate the virtual private cloud.

    12. Define public cloud.

    Public clouds are specially used for deployment and use. Examples of public cloud computing systems are Amazon, Flipkart, Google, etc. The layers which are focused on by the public cloud are cloud computing, providing a market platform and a platform for infrastructure. This is the most preferred cloud.

    13. Mention the different parts of the deployment in the field of cloud computing systems.

    The different parts of the deployment of the field of cloud computing systems are mentioned below :

    • Community cloud
    • Private Cloud
    • Public cloud
    • Hybrid cloud

    14. Pick out the differences between mobile computing and cloud computing technology?

    Mobile computing and cloud computing are almost the same and consist of similar strategies. Cloud computing concepts are also there in mobile computing. The data of cloud computing is processed in mobile computing. The applications run on basic remote servers. It also builds strong access for management as well as storage.

    15. Why do we need utility computing services?

    The IT industries use plug-in managed software which is known as utility computing. It decides on the kind of service which is to be deployed from the cloud computing program. The users are allowed to pay for the things that they use.

    16. Mention the differences between elasticity and scalability.

    Elasticity performance provides the entire concept of decommissioning and commissioning to a huge amount of dynamic capacity of resources. The usage and the speed are estimated. It is based on demand.

    Scalability is denoted as a cloud computing character that handles the entire increasing workload by increasing the amount of quality resource capacity in perfect proportion. The traffic is increased based on demand and architecture. The requirements are fulfilled on time, and scalability is increased.

    17. Cloud computing is used for security purposes. Comment on this statement.

    The IT industries and other business entities need security based on data and other important stuff. The application services are authorized with the help of cloud computing. They do things like management of data and identification of files. The access of the users is controlled. The users provide permissions to another user who is new to the cloud computing environment.

    18. Mention the open-source cloud computing database platforms.

    Cloud computing open-source database platforms are mentioned below :

    • MongoDB
    • LucidDB
    • CouchDB

    19. What are the system integrators in cloud computing?

    The platform which deals with cloud computing has several functions. The system integrators act as a solution to many complicated processes. The knowledge about data centers and their creations is known to the integrators. They create the best private and hybrid cloud for the amazing working of the network.

    20. Name some huge cloud providers and databases.

    Here are some huge cloud providers and databases :

    • Amazon simple DB
    • Cloud-based SQL
    • Google BigTable

    21. What are the different types of Software as a service (SaaS)?

    The different types of Software as a service are given below :

    • Fine-grain multi-tenancy– Sharing of resources is common in every business entity. Many users can share several resources at a time, but the function of each remains the same.
    • Simple multi-tenancy– In this mode, each user can create their form of cloud, and the users have their independence. All users have their unique resources. The resources can be documents, images, videos, and several other stuff. It increases work efficiency.

    22. What are the several benefits of cloud computing?

    The following are some benefits of cloud computing:

    • Robust and Scalable – Highly accessible applications are created with the help of cloud computing. It is robust and scalable. Before, it took months to scale data, but now it takes extremely little period.
    • Cost-Effective – Cloud computing method is the most popular one among so many industries. The investments are made in the corporate sector. And the strategies are utilized in the most efficient way. Hence, it is cost-saving.
    • Saves time – the entire cloud computing facilities deployment and management. It performs tasks in less time. Thus, you save a lot of time on other tasks.

    23. Name the data centers which utilize cloud computing facilities?

    The data centers which utilize cloud computing facilities are mentioned below:

    • Low-density datacenters
    • Containerized data centers

    24. Why do cloud services consist of API?

    The API is also known as Application Programming Interface. It is used in efficient cloud computing because :

    • The programs provided in this platform do not need to be written in a full way as you have several alternative procedures to fix it.

    • One or more applications can be connected at a time, and it also enhances communication between several applications.

    • The API also creates several useful applications and links the cloud services with other devices.

    25. Mention the most common clouds used in computer systems?

    The cloud computing system has three basic clouds, which are listed below:

    • Performance cloud
    • Professional cloud
    • Personal cloud

    26. How can you secure the data for transport to the cloud?

    The security of business or industrial data is necessary. The documents, files, and other important data are secured in the cloud. When you transport one file from one device to another, the data is encrypted, and it is delivered safely. So it is best to use cloud computing for no leaking of data.

    27. What are the differences between data centers and cloud computing systems?

    The cloud computing system is the most efficient way of securing data. The cost of cloud computing is also must lesser than that of traditional data centers. Traditional data centers go through problems such as overheating and damaging hardware and software.

    28. What is CaaS?

    The CaaS stands for Communication As a Service. This is especially used in the industries such as telecom—it facilities services such as control calling in desktop, desktop faxing, and unified messaging.

    29. What are the necessary things which you must follow before choosing a cloud computing platform?

    There are many components that you must focus on before choosing a cloud :

    • Business continuity
    • Loss of data
    • Data integrity in cloud computing
    • Compliance
    • Uptime
    • Data storage

    30. Mention any three services provided by Windows Azure?

    Any three services provided by Windows Azure are :

    • Storing
    • Managing
    • Operating


    Cloud computing is becoming more relevant with increasing facilities. You get the chance to create an application with all sorts of technical support. There are several types of cloud computing packages available on online websites. It consists of different versions. This is the new generation of technological innovation that has the ability to show a great impact on the environment.

    The users, as well as the business organizations, enjoy the services provided by cloud computing technology. The entire system focuses on your business and work. It is the most cost-effective solution for all business entrepreneurs.

    It is very evident that both small as well as large businesses are very skeptical about their data and want to enable utmost security. Cloud computing enables proper security standards and sends the encrypted data to the right person. So you can trust this program without issues. Therefore, it is essential to use cloud computing, and in the future, computing systems will get more revolutionized.

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