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Automation testing is the use of software tools to automate the execution of test cases. It is basically the advanced form of testing methodology created in contrast to Manual testing which necessitates human intervention to complete tests. Automation testing technology helps to complete software application testing more quickly and effectively which often entails writing scripts or test cases that can be executed automatically.

For automation testing, a variety of tools and technologies are utilized, such as open-source tools like Selenium, for-profit products like HP UFT (formerly known as QTP), and cloud-based testing platforms like Sauce Labs and BrowserStack. These tools make it simpler to make sure that applications function properly across a variety of platforms and devices by enabling the creation and execution of automated test cases across various browsers and operating systems.

Automation testing technology also helps in functional testing, regression testing, performance testing, and other forms of testing. Automation testing helps organizations to save both time and money it also lowers the chances of human error and improves the quality of their software applications.

It’s crucial to remember that automation testing cannot fully replace manual testing and is not a panacea. Some testing methodologies, such as exploratory testing and usability testing, still call for human involvement. Nevertheless, any firm trying to increase the speed and efficacy of its testing procedures should consider using automation testing technology.

We are a team of 1000 Automation testing job support experts with expertise and skills in test automation tools, programming languages, test frameworks, and software testing methodologies. They should also possess strong analytical skills, attention to detail, and problem-solving ability to identify and resolve complex issues in software applications.

To book your support demo slots, you need to inform us 12 hours prior so that we can update our Automation Testing certified experts according to your time zone and schedule. We are reliable and very cost-effective as compared to others in the market. We guarantee your success. Call us at +18623456041 or send us a WhatsApp, or send us an email at

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Automation Testing Online Job support:

Automation Testing Online job support is a service that provides assistance to professionals who need help in their automation testing projects. It is an effective solution for those who may face challenges during the process of software testing, especially when working on complex projects.

Automation Testing Online job support experts are a team of experienced professionals who have expertise in test automation tools, programming languages, test frameworks, and software testing methodologies. They provide remote assistance to professionals who need help in the areas of automation testing. The support can be provided through various online platforms such as Skype, Zoom, or any other preferred video conferencing tool.

The support provided by Automation Testing Online job support experts includes help with designing and developing test cases, setting up test environments, executing automated tests, and analyzing test results. They can also assist with debugging test scripts, identifying and resolving issues, and providing recommendations for improving the overall testing process.

Automation Testing Online job support experts can help organizations and individuals to save time and resources by ensuring that automation testing projects are completed efficiently and effectively. They can also provide on-demand support during critical stages of the testing process, which can help to reduce the risk of project delays or failures.

Overall, Automation Testing Online job support is an effective solution for organizations and individuals who need expert assistance to complete their automation testing projects successfully.

Our Automation Testing job support experts have high knowledge and skills in automation testing tools such as Selenium, HP UFT, Appium, JMeter, Cucumber, and TestComplete.They are also proficient in programming languages, test frameworks, and software testing methodologies.

Our automation testing experts possess strong problem-solving skills, attention to detail, and analytical skills to help identify and resolve complex issues in software applications. They also possess strong communication and interpersonal skills.

To connect with our consultant and Automation Testing job support expert, you can share your desktop so that the Automation testing expert can help you with your everyday tasks. You can use zoom, skype, WebEx, Microsoft teams, or any screen-sharing platform.

How it works:

Submit the requirements: Submit your requirements out there on our company’s website so we can gather them and assign a resource whose tech stacks and experience are compatible with your requirements.

Choose Your Support Team: A 40 mins demo or trial session will be arranged with the resource team to discuss project requirements and check the resource’s credibility over a screen-sharing platform, which can help choose a support team efficiently.

Plan Your Subscription: Choose your hourly basis job support plan after the demo session once you feel comfortable with your resource within 24 hours after the completion of the demo session.

Most minor Plan: $275 for 10 hours of Job Support for seven days. (Training included, Pay Biweekly 10 Hours Total Support Live Online Job Support in Zoom/Webex).

Top Selling Plan: $370 for 20 hours of Job Support for 15 days. (Training included, Pay Biweekly 20 Hours Total Support Live Online Job Support support in Zoom/Webex).

Most Popular Plan: $630 for 40 hours of Job Support for 30 days. (Training included, Pay Biweekly 40 Hours Total Support Live Online Job Support support in Zoom/Webex).

Affordable Plan: $1150 80 hours of Job Support for two months. (Training included, Pay Biweekly 80 Hours Total Support Live Online Job Support support in Zoom/Webex).

How to start the journey:

After the subscription of your online job support plan, a secure support discussion channel between you, your chosen resource, and the project manager will be created, where you can share all the relevant screen-sharing links and information regarding your project requirement, Automation testing elements and can directly be on a call with your resource with your convenient timings and start your support journey from there onwards.

We use screen-sharing platforms like Zoom and Webex to set up your first demo meeting, which is free of charge. After the completion of the first demo, once you feel comfortable with your trainer or resource, you need to go ahead and select your support plan on our website and complete your subscription in advance so that we can pass out the work order to hire the allocated resource to create the support discussion group channel between you, the resource, and the project manager.

Why we lead The Industry:

Individual For every project, a project manager or advisor: Soon as the project has been kickoff a project manager or an advisor is assigned who will track and monitor every query from both the client’s and the resource’s end so that everything goes smoothly and transparently throughout the sessions or the hours of support that they will be getting from the resource assigned to them.

Secure and encrypted communication channel: We create a safe and encrypted communication channel for the support discussion sessions for better transparency.

Efficient and robust resource pool: We always provide a dependable and effective resource pool so the client can feel comfortable and relaxed during each Automation testing online job support session they will be getting.

Flexible tech support staff: We have a team of 5000 experienced job Support and proxy job Support resources and experts with a Minimum of 8+ years of domain experience in different technologies to provide flexibility and efficiency on additional requirements based on other technologies as per the clients are concerned.

Hire or change Tech resource within one day: After the start of the project, if the client feels uncomfortable with the resource at any stage of time, or if the requirements changes, we are going to replace it within a day with a one-day prior notice from the client’s end.

• We will now begin providing full-time job support work services. We also offer flexible options, allowing you to select the designated timings on your slot chosen according to your schedule and pay accordingly.

• Our Automation Testing job Support experienced engineers will connect with you to explain all the complexities you are dealing with in your project and provide you with the best online Automation testing job Support assistance to your satisfaction.

• You can pay for your task-related job support assistance upfront or even after the project has started, thanks to our very reasonable pricing. Our Automation testing online job support solutions are very affordable.

So why are you still waiting? Please make the most of this lucrative career by contacting our Automation Testing online job support specialists and taking advantage of the help and Online job support from our popular, enticing, and promising Automation testing job Support options.

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