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It is a Simple Idea for an IT Company Hire on an Hourly Basis

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It is a Simple Idea for an IT Company Hire on an Hourly Basis
  • Oct 19, 2022 By tutunmanage
  • Most small business owners ponder whether outsourcing IT on an hourly basis is an ideal decision for the company or whether it will be an added expense that they can ignore. While it is true that having an in-house IT team comes with many advantages, managed IT services at hourly rates can have a better solution for startups and even for small-scale businesses. Having aid for a managed service provider (MSP) suggests outsourcing at least some of the IT business processes to a third party. It is a Good Idea for IT Company Hire on an Hourly Basis

    IT outsourcing or hiring an IT company on an hourly basis rather than a full-time basis has become a widespread business practice of using external service providers to deal with the functions related to IT like infrastructure solutions, software development, software support, etc.

    Some popular reasons to outsource are to have better access to skills, ease of upscaling, price to quality ratio, etc. At times, it is seen that companies also outsource data storage as they find it cheaper to collaborate with a third party than to buy and maintain their own data storage facilities and devices.

    Let’s find out why IT companies should hire professionals on an hourly basis and not on a full-time basis.

     • Updates of Modern Technology Right At Your Fingertips

    If you own a small team of IT experts (realistically, only one dedicated IT guy in your office), you can expect to have access to all the latest and modern technological advancements. We all know that the IT industry in itself is vast, massive, and has innumerable specialized niches, and it remains no doubt that no single employee can turn out to be a subject matter expert as per the requirement of the work.

    For instance, an IT professional might be an expert in application management, but at the same time, the person might not have in-depth knowledge of user support. When you have professionals outsource IT functions to a proficient third-party vendor, you don’t have to worry about the limitations that you may have for the small internal team. On the contrary, having an MSP can help you explore the power of a pool of resources to keep your business secure, safe, and running smoothly for years.

    • Faster Time to Market

    The time required to manufacture a product is primarily reduced as it is outsourced. Usually, it takes minimum time to look out for a team to create a solution or do specific projects and bring out successful results from them. Having a specialist in the domain and technologies you are dealing with is involved as a software development outsourcer.

    Eventually, they might have ready-to-use options as well as recommendations for any given particular scenario. At the same time, they also understand how crucial it is to be meticulous and passionate about creating the quality that you need under the deadlines you set.

    • Cost-Effective Solutions

    While it is true that saving money is not your priority while looking for the options of having managed IT services, it is more likely to be near the top of the list. According to reports, 45% of outsourcing companies suggest that their outsourced projects are mainly intended to save money.

    Well, the reduced costs related to IT outsourcing on an hourly basis will not directly come from IT expenses. When you transition to an outsourced IT model, you will pay more through direct costs than before. Though, the real cost savings from IT outsourcing comes from the expenses that are no longer applied to the company.

    The best example is that you don’t have to worry about paying in-house to fix network issues or any programming-related problems. You will have to consider all the expenses that are related to hiring a full-time IT team like paid time off, health insurance benefits, and most importantly, annual salaries. Another crucial thing to mention is that you won’t lose both time and money in case of any severe disorder in the system, like a server crash.

    • More Focus on Core Competencies

    One of the biggest cited reasons to have an IT team hired on an hourly basis as compared to a full-time basis is having more focus on the core competencies. A survey revealed that businesses having IT teams on an hourly basis set their resources to focus more on their core business.

    Most of the respondents in the survey have stated that one of the biggest motivations for them to commit to having managed IT services is the flexibility to focus more on the other core areas of the business. We have already discussed that small businesses need to look after many things without juggling IT tasks.

    The time you spend fixing up the issues like network or server problems or calling the IT professional to look after is the time you are spending that can be better utilized for the company’s growth. When you have a dedicated team of experts to look after the problems, the professionals will do their work with sheer responsibility and dedication so that you don’t have to focus on it.

    • Innovation and Industry Knowledge

    There is no doubt that no one knows your business in and out of your in-house employees, and we are not going to argue about it. But at times, it is seen that knowledge stands in the way of leveraging the power of innovative approaches when it is all about proceed-oriented workers that are used to doing.

    If you don’t have access to such a pool of talented resources, the chances are high that you are missing out on the latest trends in the industry. And you never know, this could be the biggest advantage for your company to scale up in the industry.

    Why Choose Us for Hourly Based IT Freelancers?

    When it comes to modern advancements in the IT infrastructure, we cover it all and ensure that all our clients get access to modern solutions. We have been working in this industry for a long and have professional experts on our team to help you throughout the projects and offer the best resolution. Continue reading to know why you must choose us or rely on us when it comes to hiring IT freelancers on an hourly basis rather than on a full-time basis.

    • Very Strict and Strong Screening Process for Hiring

    We never compromise the quality of the services that we deliver to our clients. Before hiring anyone in our team of expert IT freelancers, we ensure that the expert has relevant experience in the industry and knows how to provide the best solutions.

    We have created a strong screening process to evaluate the skillset and quality of the professionals. After the candidate passes through the evaluation round, we have them on our team.

    • We Assign a Project Manager for Every Project

    No matter the team’s size, we always assign a dedicated project manager for our clients to look after the requirements. The project managers ensure that everything is checked thoroughly to ensure no problem at the client’s end. In case of any problem or error in the process, the managers look into it and try to deliver a quick resolution.

    We offer consultation and demo sessions to our clients before we start working for them. This is done to let our clients know how we work and how our team executes things. In the consultation session, we help our clients to understand how we will work on the project and how things will move when we get on board.

    • Consultation and Demo Sessions

    In case you are not satisfied with our services, and it does not align with your requirements, we will refund the amount you paid to us. Of course, there are certain conditions that should qualify you to become eligible for the refund. Don’t worry as we don’t have any hidden policy so that you cannot rise for a refund. And if the concerns are genuine, we will certainly do that.

    • Responsibility for Resource Change If Needed

    If you feel that the resource we have provided to you is not doing well for you, all you need is to inform us. We will change the responsible person from the project and will assign someone more competent and have experience in dealing with the core requirement of the project.

    Now that you are aware of the benefits of IT outsourcing on an hourly basis rather than having professionals on a full-time basis, it’s high time you must collaborate with us to make the most of the opportunity. We will ensure that you get the worth of money invested and have a better workflow.

    Final Words

    So, before we wrap things up, let’s ask this one more time – is outsourcing the IT team on an hourly basis better than having a full-time team?

    Well, it might seem to be difficult to argue with the fact that outsourcing is a powerful tool in the overall IT sphere. But whether you believe it or not, having an outsourced managed team on an hourly basis has always been a great thing to do things in a better, faster, and affordable way.

    If you are also planning to have a team on board, please feel free to get back to us with your requirements, and we will ensure that you will have significant experience. Please share your insights with us regarding the post below in the comment section.

    We will help you and work with your requirements in the most reliable, professional, and at a minimum cost. We can guarantee your success. So call us or WhatsApp us +918900042651 or email us

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