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Importance of DevSecOps technology in 2022

Importance of DevSecOps technology in 2022
  • Oct 20, 2022 By GigNets
  • With plenty of organizations using the DevOps model, it has become a useful application development in the IT industry. The latest advancements in different IT aspects like cloud computing have made the DevOps concept even more accessible.

    DevSecOps technology

    Coming to DevSecOps is to extend the concept of DevOps, which is a philosophy that combines security aspects into DevOps. This DevSecOps method properly creates a culture of ‘security as code’ with a flexible, ongoing collaboration between an organization’s security teams and the app’s release engineers.

    DevOps is nothing but a set of tools and practices that effectively combine app/software development (i.e., Dev) with IT (Information Technology) Ops (Operations). This system enhances the ability of an organization to deploy various services and applications quickly and offers other benefits to make them competitive in the industry. DevOps training is essential for the sustainable growth of an organization.

    Exploring About DevSecOps

    It is different than DevSecOps, but it may look the same or similar at first glance. These two are two different things.

    • DevSecOps

    This model is to factors in security but not to be the priority. The DevOps team does not have the necessary tools required for implementing front-to-back security measures. The security team of in-house information arrives late to deal with the security issues.

    • DevOpsSec

    Security is at the end of this specific development process, both literally and figuratively. DevOps teams first develop and then deploy an app. After that, information security is to fill in the security gaps. If one wants tight security, then weak security is not going to be an option.

    • SecDevOps

    This approach is to bring the security efforts into continuous development and integration pipeline. The main thing is that security issues are considered even before the development process starts.

    Why is DevSecOps Very Significant These Days?

    Despite the latest IT advancement making the incorporation of DevOps into different app designs, there is a downside to it. There are various security tools and compliance monitoring that is not up to the latest developments.

    It makes rapid developments inadequate without proper security measures. In such circumstances, you might want to know why incorporating DevOps is to be beneficial.

    Companies have the options to bypass security measures for practicality, but it would backfire. Without proper security measures, it could result in dissatisfied and angry users who won’t use your products anymore.

    IT security is an important issue to consider. It is needed to prevent things like cyber fraud, cyber-attacks, etc.

    Some of the DevOps Security Challenges Are

    • DevOps teams consider security a nuisance
    • IT teams are unable to keep up with the pace of DevOps

    The DevOps proponents are required to overcome their attitude towards security issues. They need to consider it more seriously.

    Benefits of DevSecOps

    • DevSecOps team catches various security vulnerabilities during the development phase.
    • A better ROI
    • The process is known to be automated, which means fewer mistakes
    • Better collaboration and communication among different teams
    • Better flexibility to manage sudden alterations in development
    • Automated build and quality assurance testing.

    Implementation of DevSecOps Measures

    The security is to be built into app development from end to end for implementing DevSecOps properly. Some essential components in this regard are:

    • Code Analysis: Delivering code in the small pieces
    • Change Management: Boosting efficiency and speed.
    • Compliance Monitoring: Preparing for audit by staying compliant.
    • Threat Investigation: Identifying potential developing threats in code and responding accordingly.
    • Vulnerability Assessment: Identifying new vulnerabilities with proper code analysis.
    • Security Training: Training IT engineers and software developers.

    Checklist for Different Steps of these Components

    • Automate and then standardize the environment.
    • Centralizing user’s identities and accessing control capabilities
    • Data between services and apps should be encrypted.
    • Implementing secured API gateways
    • Automating continuous integration
    • Automating security updates
    • Automating audits and service configuration

    DevSecOps Tools and Skills

    This system is to offer proper tools and skills.

    • Claire: Scans for the vulnerabilities
    • HackerOne: Response to the vulnerability reports
    • Rapid7 Nexpose: Scans systems for the vulnerabilities
    • Snyk: Checks the open-source code
    • Stethoscope: Manages user-focused security
    • Suricata: Detects the threats in the network

    Security Teams Need to Master the Below-Described Skills:

    • Experience on DevOps
    • Programming languages like Ruby, PHP, Java, Perl, etc.
    • Teamwork and communication skills
    • Knowledge and understanding of different cyber-security measures and practices
    • Understanding programs like Puppet, Chef, Immunio, Aqua, etc.

    Future of DevSecOps

    More organizations are resorting to DevSecOps. This segment of technology has huge job scope and career opportunities. As the benefits of security implementation are becoming visible, DevOps is either likely to fade away, or it will ultimately be absorbed into the DevSecOps.

    As this process is getting more automated, more organizations will be adopting DevSecOps for obvious reasons. Automation has better security and is quite a time saver.

    Want to Learn More?

    If you want to learn more about DevOps, you need to learn different aspects, such as monitoring DevOps tools, deployment, continuous integration, master configuration management, etc. You can have proper DevOps training.

    If you want to be an expert in this segment, then you can decide to go for a master’s program on this subject. This is a rapidly growing industry.

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